First: to those who’ve supported my move to indie, you don’t know how much that means to me and how much I appreciate it. And I thank you for persevering through the transition.

Indie author means that I’m now publishing my own work, as opposed to working with a publisher. Berkley no longer wanted to publish any of the work I was writing–they moved into a different direction. And right now, publishing is volatile. I chose to just start publishing my own work. I can write what I like now and get a much better financial reward than I got with my ex-publisher. Think of it this way: Berkley and I got ‘divorced’. And most brick-and-mortar stores only accept traditionally published work.

BUT…Just going to be blunt here. I’ve gotten a number of readers complaining lately because I’ve gone indie and my books are no longer available in a brick and mortar store, and because the POD (print on demand copy) costs more.

Here are five facts about the issue:

  1. If I hadn’t gone indie, you would have NO MORE BOOKS from me to read because my previous publisher didn’t want to finish any of the series. So either they come out indie, or you get NONE.
  2. Even if I had the option to stay with my previous publisher, I think I would have still chosen to go indie because it’s the BEST move for me. It’s given me a new lease on my work and I’m back to loving what I do.
  3. If you don’t read e-books (which I’ve made far cheaper than they were with Berkley) and you don’t want to order the POD version for whatever reason, there’s nothing I can do to help. There are a LOT of wonderful authors out there that are still being published traditionally, and I’m sure that you will find others in stores that you like.
  4. This is a business, not a hobby. This is my livelihood. Therefore, I run it in the best way I can for my needs.
  5. This is not going to change–not for the foreseeable future. This is the way it is.

So…thank you so much for those who have stuck with me, and to the new readers coming in. And for those who are angry at me–*shrugs* Ya know, I can’t let it bother me and I’m not going to apologize. There’s too much stress in the world already. Please, go find authors who will make you happy and keep reading, even if it’s not my books.


  1. Good for you! I don’t blame you for doing what is best all the way around. I for one love your books and am thrilled at the opportunity to keep reading your work! An author just like an artist SHOULD be the one who makes the most income from their work.

  2. Charlotte Copeland

    Keep writing works like otherworld/ sisters of the moon, chinz ‘n china series then Indigo and books like that I’ll stay with you. The first series after Harry Potter I read was otherworld. I was hooked.
    Couldn’t wait to get the next book in the series.
    Please say prayers for my Miss Kat. She will be 19 years old in December and she has slowed down a lot and doesn’t eat much. Her name was Kat but she was so prissy we added Miss in front of Kat.

  3. A great move to go indie! Im glad you took the leap, being self-employed I know how scary and how much courage it takes but the freedom is so worth it. I love to hold a real book but when you made your decision I went and bought a tablet so i could continue reading. I love the OW books and I’ve bought everything else since and preorder everytime i get an email of an upcoming release. You’re die hard readers will follow you no matter and you’ll pick up as you go ,keep up the great work chick we love ya 😉

    • Yasmine Galenorn

      LOL, I’ve been self-employed since the beginning of my publishing career…but this is more…it’s more intense, I am responsible for everything. But that means I can do it my way. 🙂

  4. Good for you! It looks like going indie was the best thing for you and I, for one, will buy your books no matter what. <3 them and can't wait for the next one. 🙂

  5. You’re one of my absolute favorite authors so I will definitely follow you anyway that lets me continue to find out what happens next in your worlds :). As for the haters – haters gonna hate. The kindle app is free and available on android, apple, and computers. The books are cheaper so instead of having to convince my local library to buy copies, I’m now able to buy ebook copies for myself. Do what’s best for you and block the negative energy.

  6. So glad you are doing what is best for you, both as an author and financially. I will keep reading no matter the format, I am so hooked on your books. Bright Blessings!

  7. I love the worlds and people you have created. I will continue to read your work in whatever format you choose to use. I am glad that you are enjoying better financial rewards with the eBook format. As always I wish all good things for you, Samwise and the Galenorn gang.
    Blessed Be

  8. I’m glad you’re doing what’s best for you and your career. Just please keep writing. I love all your work!! Love to the whole gang.

  9. Wow! Smh. You just can’t please some people! So, you shouldn’t even try! As for those of us who support your efforts to continue doing what you love, KEEP GOING!!!! We’ll do our best to keep up with you! Love to you & yours. <3

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