So, today I’m thinking about summer activities I love. One of my favorites is being able to sit out at night, under the stars. Especially in August, when we watch the Perseids meteor shower. I love going to the beach–but not on bright sunny days. I like the beach when it’s warm but overcast, when the scent of brine is heavy in the air and the waves are crashing on the shore. I’m not a sports person or much into big gatherings, but I like the feel of sitting by a river in the early evening, or the smell of summer rain on cedars. So I guess my favorite parts of summer are tied to water and the forest.

What about you? What are your favorite parts of summer?

  1. My favorite parts of summer are fresh berries & cherries, bird song in the morning, seeing the ivy grow & stretch, the scent of rain, the shades of greens.

  2. When fresh fruit and veggies start populating the farmers markets and longer days to spend reading, hiking and enjoying the outdoors

  3. My favorite part of summer is soaking up the sun and the smell of warm earth and new little growing things.

  4. My favorite parts of summer are pretty much the same as yours. I love being out in the forest, star gazing with no city lights to interfere, walking along a beach. I do love to bask in the sun, though my skin burns if I stay out too long.
    I hate crowds so I shy away from places with a lot of people.

  5. Setting outside in the mornings to welcome the suns rise. Eating fresh veggies, berries and herbs from my garden.
    Laying in my hammock at night to enjoy the stars & moon and all her glory

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