This week Pagans “turn the wheel” by celebrating Litha—the Summer Solstice. In the southern hemisphere, they celebrate Yule—Winter Solstice. Summer Solstice takes place on June 20th, at 9:24 PDT this year.

Litha is the season of expansion, when the crops burgeon forth.  We forget winter’s cares and spend our days basking under the brilliant light.  The Summer Solstice brings us the longest day of the year—the zenith of the Sun King, and also His death as his brother, the Holly King, dethrones him and takes reign over the now waning year.  From now until Yule, the light will fade into darkness.

This is the time of lovers and gardeners.  The rutting fervor of Beltane has deepened into the passionate eroticism that grows when partners become familiar with one another’s rhythms and moods.  It is the love between those committed by heart as well as body, it is also the love of parents for their children (be they two or four-legged).  Nature is at her most fecund and everywhere we look ripeness spills out from field and forest.

Litha is the height of the Divine Marriage, then the Oak King falls, His vigor and prime giving way to the  sagacity of the Holly King even as the Goddess prepares Herself for harvest and Cronehood. This is also a prime time for the Fae to come out, though truly, they are connected to our realm year round.


  1. A Blessed Litha to you and your family! Tomorrow would have been my Ed’s 10th birthday (he was a cow kitty, and the most adorable and loving kitty ever…unfortunately we lost him last year about a month after his birthday, and his girlfriend/sister Cleo a couple months later, also about a month after her birthday.,,they are both still missed by their Mommy). Ed never got to meet his little sister Lucky or his nieces (who are finally all named, yay!) but there are a couple of them who act just like him, the furry little brats! 😛

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