A writer’s crack. I love office supply stores, whether in person or online. I have an incredibly well stocked office and am constantly trying to rationalize the use for whatever new cool gadget, Post-It note, binder, folder that comes along.

What’s your ‘crack’ store? Where do you just want to go crazy? And to make it harder: NO BOOKSTORES. We’re all in love with books. We know that bookstores, whether online or in person, are well-beloved. 😉

  1. Fabric Stores. I love to sew and quilt and it is like a candy shop to me. My significant other has limited me on purchasing. But it is still fun to go into the stores and “finger” the fabric (my grandmother’s term). It just makes me happy!!!! By the way, I love Maudlin’s Mayhem and Fury Calling. I am reading both!!!!

  2. Gemstone stores. I make jewelry, and like office supplies, one can never have too many stones, bright shiny ones, soft subdued ones, and of course, if you find an unusual one you must buy it right then because you may never come across one again. Same goes for sales. Much purchase immediately. Buying them makes me happy, working with them makes me happy, and most of the time selling my creations makes me happy – some are harder to part with than others. 🙂

  3. For me it’s Bath & Body Works, Yankee Candle, A.C. Moore, Michaels, & right now – Spirit Halloween & Spencer’s. Not to mention any place that sell Halloween stuff!!

  4. OMG – stationery stores!! Pens, stickers, stationery, pretty cards, sparkly things, markers, aaaahhhhhh…… LOL

  5. Embroidery/yarn stores. Love the colors & different fibers! Online, my favorite is the Black Cat Stitchery, Winthrop Harbor, Illinois.

  6. Uhm… Well… Fabric/craft stores, mainly Joann Fabrics. I quilt and crochet, more crochet than quilt, and I can spend money there, even when I don’t need to. Trust me, I keep telling myself I have enough yarn or that I have all the fabrics I need for some quilt I work on. Doesn’t work, I end up getting more. Just did that on Monday. Told myself I have enough fabric for my dad’s superhero quilt and I found more. So need to just finish that blanket.

  7. I’m definitely an office supply addict…pretty pens in every color and style, paper, notebooks, etc. But I also have addiction problems with Michael’s (one was opened here a few months ago), and stickers from Etsy.

  8. I cross stitch so I love going to the stitching store in Memphis. Since it’s an hour and a half drive. I don’t get to go often so I settle for online shopping at and a few other sites. I love all the pretty threads and fabrics. Too bad I can’t use the stuff as fast as I buy it.

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