brain candy friday

So, we’re into November, and this month is Thanksgiving. Do you celebrate the holiday? (Even if you’re Canadian–because you guys have T-Day, just at another time!). If so, what are you planning for this year? What’s your favorite part about Thanksgiving?

  1. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is making stuffing with my mom and sisters. We get together the beginning of the month, and make enough for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We freeze it until we need it. My sister’s live about 2 hours away and it’s great to just hang out together!

  2. My favorite part is spending time with my family. I love to cook and bake. We all contribute to the meal and get together at my parents house for the dinner. So excited!

  3. Family gathering! There are 5 of us kids, 14 grandchildren, and 9 great-grandchildren so everyone brings food and we have a great,crazy day.

  4. We go to either decide to go to my dh’s side of the family, my side or stay home and make a small feast for ourselves with the kids. We try to spend some time with all sides of the families even if we are not going there for dinner or anything.

  5. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is my whole family coming together. We’re a close knit bunch, but it’s hard to get everyone together at once. The day before thanksgiving my mom, my niece, and I get together and bake and drink wine all night. It’s loads of fun, and we all get to catch up. Then on the day of we all gather to eat and hang out. It’s definitely one of my favorite holidays.

  6. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the smells, the samples as you go, the absolutely, love filled leg rubs from my furry Grandcat. (Edgar Allen Poe is my daughters furry child. Julz still lives with me.) The look on my husbands face when the turkey comes out of the oven and of course that full belly.

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