Bewitching Bedlam Series
Genre: Steamy Paranormal Romance

Novels Available, In Order:
Blood Music (novelette–prequel): 2016

Bewitching Bedlam: 2017
Maudlin’s Mayhem: 2017

Fury Unbound Series:
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Cyberpunk

Novels Available, In Order:
Fury Rising (2016)
Fury’s Magic (2016)

Fury Awakened (2017)
Fury Calling (TBA)
Fury’s Mantle (TBA)

Otherworld Series (aka Sisters of the Moon Series):
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Novels Available, In Order:
Witchling (10/06)
Changeling (6/07)
Darkling (1/08)
Dragon Wytch (7/08)
Night Huntress (1/09))
Demon Mistress (6/09)
Bone Magic (1/10)
Harvest Hunting (10/10)
Blood Wyne (2/11)
Courting Darkness (11/11)
Shaded Vision (2/12)
Shadow Rising (10/12)
Haunted Moon (1/13)
Autumn Whispers (10/13)
Crimson Veil (2/14)
Priestess Dreaming (10/14)
Panther Prowling: (1/15)
Darkness Raging: (2/16)

Moon Shimmers (2017)
Autumn’s Daughter (2018)
Blood Bonds (2019)

Novellas, In Order:

The Shadow of Mist
Etched in Silver
Ice Shards
Flight From Hell (ties the OW Series with the Fly By Night Series)

Short Collections:
Tales of Otherworld: Collection 1
Men of Otherworld: Collection 1
Men of Otherworld: Collection 2
Moon Swept

Whisper Hollow Series
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Novels Available:
Autumn Thorns (2015)
Shadow Silence (2016)

Crow Song (2017)
Morrigan’s Blade (2018)

Fly By Night Series (a spinoff of Otherworld):
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Flight From Death: (2015)
Flight From Mayhem: (2016)

Indigo Court Series:
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Novels Available:
Night Myst (6/10)
Night Veil (7/11)
Night Seeker (6/12)
Night Vision (7/13)
Night’s End (7/14)

Novellas Available:
Night Shivers

Chintz ‘n China Mystery Series:
Genre: Paranormal Mystery

In Order:
Ghost of a Chance (2003)
Legend of the Jade Dragon (2004)
Murder Under A Mystic Moon (2005)
A Harvest of Bones (2005)
One Hex of a Wedding (2006)

Bath and Body Series (written under the name of India Ink):
Genre: Cozy Chick Lit Mystery

In Order:
Scent to Her Grave (2005)
A Blush With Death (2006)
Glossed and Found (2007)

Metaphysical Nonfiction:
Genre: nonfiction, spirituality

Trancing the Witch’s Wheel (1997)
Embracing the Moon (1998)
Dancing With the Sun (1999)
Tarot Journeys (1999)
Crafting the Body Divine (2001)
Sexual Ecstasy and the Divine (2003)
Magical Meditations (2004) (second edition of Trancing the Witch’s Wheel)
Totem Magic (2004)

Misc Anthologies:

Taming the Vampire (2016: Blood Music)
Once Upon a Curse (5/16) (Short Story: Bones)
Mist & Shadows: Short Tales for Dark Nights (short stories by Yasmine)
Songs of Love and Death (11/10) (Short Story: The Man in the Mirror)
Songs of Love and Darkness: (Short Story: The Man in the Mirror)
House of Nyx: (Essay: She is Goddess)