A Complete and Final Clarification About the Whisper Hollow Series and Fly By Night Series
Answer About Books On Hiatus
Thoughts on a Year Spent Indie

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about when I can write more in the series that Berkley and Diversion still have. Here are some facts as to why that won’t happen for awhile.

One: the ONLY reason I’m finishing Otherworld is because I’m only 3 books from the end and it’s such a long series. If I were only part way through, unfortunately I’d be putting that on hold too. It isn’t the smartest economical decision to finish it, but at least I have only three books to go. Two, now.

Two: As an indie author, the only way to make a viable living is if I have COMPLETE control over the entire series, to put the first books on sale or offer them free if I want, to make a boxed set eventually, etc.. And there’s NO chance of doing that if a traditional publisher holds the rights to the other books. Like all businesses, I have to be able to bring in new customers–in my case, readers–and that won’t happen with a series split between trad and indie.

This is a changing world, and the publishing industry is changing. The bottom line is: I’m doing what will ensure that I can continue to make a living at my chosen career.

I have a multitude of ideas for new series and characters. I’ll be starting a new urban fantasy series next year, along with Maddy’s books.

Q: Why did you decide to go indie?

A: There is no one right answer for this. But here are some of the biggest reasons, pared down to basics to avoid long, detailed explanations:

  • I write paranormal. Most traditional publishers aren’t buying much of it, and what they are buying, they aren’t paying a lot for (with a few exceptions). I was NOT given the option of continuing Whisper Hollow, Fly By Night, or Otherworld with Berkley and I really want to finish Otherworld, as well as start new worlds—all paranormal. There is NO choice–I can’t order a publisher to pay me money and publish my work when they choose to no longer buy it. Berkley is changing its format to focus on trade and hardcover, and I don’t fit in that category.
  • I want the freedom to introduce my readers to worlds I’ve been dreaming of but have had no outlet for—like the Fury Unbound series. I want the freedom to write and publish what I want, when I want to. Indie is the only way to do this.
  • I want lower e-book prices on my books, and higher earnings for me. I can potentially make so much more publishing indie (and to continue my career, I need to increase my readership), while still pricing the e-books books lower, which means a win-win situation for both my readers and me. Print prices for POD will definitely be quite a bit higher, but there’s no other option at this point. If you want a print book, it’s going to cost more.

Q: You always pushed pre-orders, why aren’t you doing so on your indie work?

For several reasons, but it has to do with ranking and the fact that I’ve just started in on this and I know that there can be glitches and I don’t want to incur any glitches (or as few as I can), so instead of hoping you will all pre-order, I’m just hoping you’ll buy the books when they come out. There’s a lot more to it than that, but for now, leave it at: I don’t want to suddenly realize the internet went out when I needed to upload a book and oh crap, it’s not going to be up there in time. *grins*

Q: You said you’re going to be putting out more releases. How will we know when they come out?

  • Well, the top best ways to stay in the loop are:
  • My newsletter. (And read it! And since sometimes it goes into people’s spam filters, make certain you check there).
  • You can sign up to follow me on Bookbub—when I have a new release, I’ll post it there and for anything novella size or over, they will send out a new release announcement. Unfortunately, for short stories, that won’t happen (but my newsletter will).
  • Follow me here on the blog—I’ll post when I have new releases. I also plan on blogging more so you’ll get to read other things.
  • My website—will always have all releases/books listed

Q: Why do your paperbacks cost so much now that you’re indie?

Because I have to put them out via Print-on-Demand, and for me to make decent money from them, I can’t just price them pennies above cost (and they’d still be far higher than you’re used to). So I’m sorry–there’s no negotiation, no other option if you want it in print. On the other hand, I’m able to offer the e-versions at substantially lower prices. And though I am sorry that you won’t be able to get the paperbacks cheaper or in stores, I’m no longer going to answer complaints about the issue. This is the way things are now, and while we can’t predict the future, for now–this is what it is. The Createspace versions are lovely and I’ve made the font a bit bigger so they’re easier to read than my other books, btw. 😉

Q: Are your books going to be in print or is it only e-book format?

The full length novels will be published in POD–print on demand. You will not be able to find these in stores, though you can ask your library to order them. They will be available to order from Amazon or Createspace. Re-releases of books that have already been published will probably not be available in this format since used copies are available.

Q: Can I find your books at a brick and mortar store?

No, the new ones coming out will not be available in bookstores. You have to order them online if you want print copies.

Q: Where can I order print copies of your books?

You can order them via Amazon or Createspace. You will find links on each book page.

Q: What does your becoming indie mean for audio books?

Unfortunately, unless I can make deals with audio companies, the books will not be available in audio for now. In the future, as I become more established in indie, that may change. A deal has been made with Blackstone Audio for the last three Otherworld books.

Q: Are you going to be finishing the FBN and WH series?

The Fly by Night Series, Whisper Hollow Series, and the Lily Bound series are on indefinite hiatus. I hope to be able to return to them in the future, but as of right now, that’s not economically feasible.

Q: How can we help you get your work more high profile for maybe a movie or something?

I’ve had a number of readers express interest in how they can help me maybe attract a movie producer, and how they can help series keep from ending, and the like. Here’s a concise way to help your favorite authors keep in business. It’s no guarantee that a producer will notice the books, but boosting visibility is ALWAYS a good thing.

  1. Buy the books. Obviously, not everybody can buy every book and authors know this, but that’s why I price my indie e-books lower—so you can buy more of them. I make more per book with my indie work than I did in trad, so it’s a win-win situation. (I have to pay the bills, bluntly). So buying my indie work helps a lot. If people don’t buy the books, then they aren’t worth the time for me to write.
  2. Request that your library get in my indie work. They can order most of the indie books in POD from Createspace. They can contact me to buy the books.
  3. Tell your friends about my work—word of mouth counts. Word of mouth saves authors, and spreading the news about my books helps enormously.
  4. Never download pirated books—besides risking your computers to malware and viruses, illegal downloading is nothing less than theft. Stealing from authors cuts into our sales. Frankly, pirating impacted my contracts with Berkley. When sales drop, contracts vanish. And when sales drop, even with indie series, it’s not economically feasible to write the work.
  5. Review the books on Amazon (especially), BN, and other sites. Reviews do help me get certain ads and secure deals like Bookbub (well, unless they’re trashing the books).
  6. Other than that, pretty much cross your fingers and hope. *grins* And yes, I’d love to see a movie/series deal. Authors don’t get much chance to work with the production companies—we have almost no pull with them—but…the truth is no matter what happens with the series, if an author gets an option, it makes it MUCH easier to sell more books and expand the series.