For Bookstore Owners, Events Coordinators, & Interviewers:

  • ABOUT EVENTS, CONFERENCES, ETC: PLEASE BE AWARE THAT I HAVE SEVERE FOOD ALLERGIES. NO SMOKE, NUTS OR GARLIC IN THE ROOM I’M IN, AND I ALWAYS BRING MY OWN FOOD. To contact me about a signing or event, please write PROMO in the subject line, and include all pertinent contact information, including URLS if this is a private event.

I am thrilled to hear from my readers, but please read before emailing:

1. I have an editor, I do NOT use beta readers, and I am already happy with my promotional plan. STOP. I’m not interested, your email will be filed under “Delete.”
2. I want to work for you as a proofreader/assistant/etc! Can I apply? See above! I have all the assistants I need, I do not use beta readers, and I have a great editor and good cover designers.

3. Will You Read My Work if I Send It To You? No.
4. Will You Recommend Me To Your Agent? I am no longer using the services of an agent, so no.

5. Hate Mail/Angry Mail: Don’t bother. You’re talking to a brick wall.
6. Requests for magical help and/or writing advice : No.

7. Can I get your work in print anymore? PEOPLE…BEFORE YOU WRITE TO ASK IF MY BOOKS WILL BE AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK–YES. BUT…via POD, which means Print. On. Demand. It means if you click the Amazon links on the book page, you will find that you can order a copy from Amazon. The books are trade size (which is larger). They are NOT massmarket size. Print copies are not available for preorder–they come out a little after the e-copy. You cannot buy them in stores. But you CAN get it in print. This IS the new normal for my work.

8. Mail may not be answered immediately. If you write to me via snail mail, please enclose a stamped, self addressed envelope (see SWAG page).
9. Will you sign my books if I mail them to you?  No.
10. Do you have bookmarks, bookplates, etc.? Yes! I have some swag. See SWAG page.

Be aware: I really do love to hear from my readers, but my assistants review and answer most of my email. If you have a question PLEASE CHECK THE FAQs PAGE before emailing to ask questions about the continuation of the Whisper Hollow, Fly By Night, or Lily Bound series.