I am thrilled to hear from my readers, but please read before emailing:

Your email will be deleted if you:

1. Ask for a job. I have all the assistants I need, and I have a great editor and good cover designers.
2. Ask for a recommendation to an agent. I no longer work with an agent so, sorry, nope.
3. If you write rude/hate mail/sleazy porn mail. Just. No. NO! I do NOT force my assistants to answer rude, volatile email, nor will I waste time on it.

Also be aware: I do NOT answer requests for magickal help and/or writing advice, though my assistant will send you a list of magickal resource books that I recommend.

My assistants answer all my mail and it usually takes a little while, since we get swamped. If you write to me via snail mail, please enclose a stamped, self addressed envelope (see SWAG page). Do NOT send me books to sign. I do NOT sign books through the mail.

I DO have swag available. See SWAG page.