For Bookstore Owners, Events Coordinators, & Interviewers:

  • ABOUT EVENTS, CONFERENCES, ETC: PLEASE BE AWARE THAT I HAVE SEVERE FOOD ALLERGIES. NO SMOKE, NUTS OR GARLIC IN THE ROOM I’M IN, AND I ALWAYS BRING MY OWN FOOD. To contact me about a signing or event, please write PROMO in the subject line, and include all pertinent contact information, including URLS if this is a private event.

I am thrilled to hear from my readers, but please read before emailing:

1. I have an editor, I do NOT use beta readers, and I am already happy with my promotional plan. STOP. I’m not interested, your email will be filed under “Delete.”
2. I want to work for you as a proofreader/assistant/etc! Can I apply? See above! I have all the assistants I need, I do not use beta readers, and I have a great editor and good cover designers.

3. Will You Read My Work if I Send It To You? No.
4. Will You Recommend Me To Your Agent? I am no longer using the services of an agent, so no.

5. Hate Mail/Angry Mail: Don’t bother. You’re talking to a brick wall.
6. Requests for magical help and/or writing advice : No.

7. Mail may not be answered immediately. If you write to me via snail mail, please enclose a stamped, self addressed envelope (see SWAG page).
8. Will you sign my books if I mail them to you?  No.
9. Do you have bookmarks, bookplates, etc.? Yes! I have some swag. See SWAG page.

Be aware: I really do love to hear from my readers, but my assistants review and answer most of my email. If you have a question PLEASE CHECK THE FAQs PAGE before emailing to ask questions about the continuation of the Whisper Hollow, Fly By Night, or Lily Bound series.