Reader Swag Image

In switching over to indie-status, it changes what and how we offer as reader swag. I won’t be signing bookplates anymore, since most of my books will be focused on e-format with paperback being secondary. But I am offering a small packet of reader swag including a signed postcard, bookmark, and a few other things. You will get what we have available at the time. 🙂

To get reader swag, please send:

  • Three loose forever stamps (please do not send metered mail–just mail the stamps)
  • PRINT your name and address on a piece of paper so we can easily read it
  • TELL us that you want Reader swag in your letter–when we get empty envelopes with just a stamp enclosed, we aren’t sure what you want.
  • For international requests, please contact Jenn at gev.assistant2 AT gmail DOT com for instructions on how to send postage via paypal.
  • Allow 6-8 weeks to receive swag before emailing us please–we don’t have time to send it out every week, and we save up and send it out in batches.

Send to:

Yasmine Galenorn
Reader Letters/Swag
PO Box 2037
Kirkland WA 98083-2037