Happy October. I hope you have a blessed Samhain and a happy Halloween! We’re into the rains of autumn here, and the cooler weather finally, and I love it. We’re finally back to normal and I’m getting my outdoor autumn decorations up!

Autumn decorations

So, today I have two new releases to tell you about, a preorder now available, and an excerpt from Siren’s Song.


Blood Vengeance and Tiger Tails novelettes are now in the wild!


BLOOD VENGEANCE (On Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and Kobo)

When Maddy and Aegis go on vacation, a blast from the past threatens to destroy them both.

Maddy and Aegis need to relax after opening the Bewitching Bedlam B&B, so they go on a post-New Year’s trip up to a mountain chalet. But what neither realizes, is that a dark cloud from the past is shadowing them both, and a resulting avalanche holds them hostage, at the mercy of a menace from Maddy’s past, who is ready to destroy Mad Mauldin and all she holds dear.

TIGER TAILS (On Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and Kobo)

When Sandy needs help rescuing her ward, she never dreams that she’ll end up with a tiger by the tail.
Sandy Clauson is Mad Maudlin’s best friend. When Sandy’s ward Jenna goes missing on Paulson’s Peak, Sandy must face the wrath of a major storm to find her. When weretiger Max Davenport — new to Bedlam — offers to help, Sandy finds that, not only does he guide her through the ice and snow, but he comes dangerously close to melting the walls that guard her heart.


Siren's Song

Maddy’s back. You can now preorder the e-book of SIREN’S SONG—book 3 in the Bewitching Bedlam Series! Release date: November 7, 2017.

When the fog rolls in from the sea, sometimes ghosts from the past follow it…

Sandy’s under attack. First, she’s almost mowed down at the supermarket, then her new shore-front burger stand is destroyed on its grand opening day. But when she’s found in a coma, the danger heats up. As she falls into a coma, parts of her dreaming world escape into reality. Now, Maddy, Aegis, and Max must find the cure for the mysterious disease Sandy is suffering from, before she’s permanently trapped in the realm of dreams.


From SIREN’S SONG (do not reproduce)


“Maddy Gallowglass, if you called us here without a good reason, I swear, I’m going to tell people to boycott your bed and breakfast. I’m paying the babysitter by the hour, and Joe’s out of town, and my washer broke this morning. I am not in the mood.”


I knew Tanith didn’t mean it about the boycott. At least, I thought she didn’t, but she sure as hell wasn’t happy, either. I glanced at the clock. It was eight-thirty and getting later by the minute. With a sigh, I pulled out my phone.


“I’ll text her again.”


where are you? we’re waiting and tanith is starting to broil.


I waited for a moment. No answer. “I don’t know what’s holding her up. That’s the third time I’ve texted her. It’s not like Sandy to ignore her phone.”


“Maybe you should call her. Maybe she took a nap?” Angus McAllister crossed his right ankle over his left knee. At least this time, he didn’t treat us to an unexpected peep show. He was wearing a kilt—he always wore a kilt—and the last meeting, he had managed to expose us to the fact that yes, men in kilts often did indeed, go commando. At least Angus did.


I started to mutter that Sandy didn’t take naps, but then stopped. It wouldn’t do anything to help the situation.


“I’ll give her a ring if she doesn’t answer in another five minutes.”


I tossed my notebook on the table and leaned back, chugging back the last of my iced mocha. So much for getting through the meeting in good time. The Moonrise Coven—at least those of us on the inner council—were supposed to deconstruct the Litha ritual that we had led for the town and discuss what had gone all right, and where we had missed the mark. There were always glitches, and we tried to minimize them. This time, unfortunately, the Wishing Tree we had set up for the children of the town had proven a teensy bit too strong and it had taken five of us to control the drunken unicorn that had careened through Turnwheel Park where we held the four seasonal rituals.

Terrance must have been thinking about the same thing. “How was I supposed to know that Sean O’Donnell would be drunk off his ass?”

Sean O’Donnell was the local leprechaun. I had been surprised that he was so helpful, though now I suspected it was because he was constantly liquored up. But I hadn’t known that when I agreed with Terrance’s idea to ask Sean to help enchant the Wishing Tree.

“You should have known because Sean’s always in the Boil & Squeak, chugging down ale.” Tanith shook her head. “Really, talk about a Darwin Award situation.”

“Hey, if I had known, I would have said no to the idea.” Sometimes Tanith irritated the hell out of me. “Now we know. Asking the local leprechaun for help? Not such a good idea. At least nobody was hurt.”

“Thanks to Auntie Tautau.” Tanith fell silent again.

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