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People often ask me “What does being a witch and pagan mean to you?” There’s never any easy, short answer to that question. Being a Witch/Pagan for me, means yes, I believe in magick, and I am a Shamanic Witch. I’ve been in the Craft since 1980, when I had a mystical experience that changed my life, for the good, forever. Being a Witch/Pagan means that I worship and believe in the Old Gods, I’m a pledged High Priestess, and I live by my oaths.

Being a Witch/Pagan means I don’t believe in ‘Satan’ and I don’t believe in heaven/hell/the Judeo Christian god. Being a Witch/Pagan means I don’t go around trying to convert others. If you come to the Craft, it must be because you’re drawn, that you’re called, and you must walk your own version of it—it’s hard work, damned hard work, and there are no spoonfed answers. I’m not out to convert you or your children, just offer you the challenge of thinking about what you believe and why, and making your decisions about your spiritual path based on choice rather than habit.

Being a Witch/Pagan means I revere the Earth Mother/Fae Queen, and the Horned God of Nature. But I neither see them as totally benevolent nor do I see them as omniscient/omnipotent. I don’t believe in any omniscient/omnipotent being.

Living the magickal life means I try to leave a gentle footprint on the earth. It means I work with the elements and the powers of nature. It means that I take responsibility for my actions, and that I live in tune with those rhythms that feel natural to me. It means that I celebrate the Wheel of the Year, that I honor my gods, that I act in accordance with my ethics.

Big Mama creates and provides sustenance, and she also eats her young when the herds are too crowded, and she blows her gales and storms across the planet.  And yes, I believe in the Fae (but not ‘faeries’ as in the cute little cherubic Victorian creations), in spirits, ghosts, and yes—I do believe evil exists. I’ve dealt with my share of astral nasties and exorcised a number of houses for people. And I NEVER advise people to do this if they don’t know what they’re doing. Dabbling? NOT a good idea.

Being a Witch/Pagan—means I also am pretty scientific and I always look for the practical answer before accepting a mystical/magickal one. Because a lot of times, yes, there is a mundane answer for what’s happening. But look at nature—at the wind, ocean, earth, and flame—the elements are all both magickal and very real on a fundamental, practical basis.

Being a Witch and Priestess? The most important things in my life, because I am pledged in the service of the gods. I’m not Wiccan—there is a difference. I’m shamanic and experiential in my practice and I follow a path based on the Finnish gods, but there’s no way to translate old traditions to the modern world, so—like any pagan—I adapt my practice to the world around me. I firmly believe that any religion which does not evolve, will not thrive.

My goal in this life is to leave the world a little better than it was…to make some sort of  a difference that helps people/the planet, that brings together people rather than divides them, that empowers rather than oppresses. I hope I’m doing that through my work, my words, my actions, my deeds.

I don’t know if this will answer the question…but it’s the best I’m going to give right here. I’ve never regretted my choice in life, I’ve never regretted my calling. After over thirty years on this path, it’s the only one I can imagine for myself.