Creating an altar is an art form and is limited only by your imagination.  I have acquired a good supply of beautiful cloths and scarves over the years for the altar tables but that’s just the beginning.  Crepe paper, ribbons, glitter confetti, long strings of beads, candles shaped like animals, plants…even money and coins if you are casting a prosperity spell.  Don’t be limited by what people tell you should be on an altar…be daring, be willing to take a chance on finding your own path in the Pagan world.

My altars tend to be elaborate and filled with crystals and statues and all sorts of beautiful objects I’ve collected over the years–but the point is, each item on my altar means something to me. It’s important, symbolic, and filled with meaning to me. And that is what should count. Your altar needs to represent you and your spirituality, not what others think you should have on it.