Little Morgan

Tiny baby Morgan.

  1. Wow, so I know I’ve seen photos you’ve posted on your FB page of Morgan before. What I had never noticed till now with this photo is just how alike she is to my own Bengal cross girl, Mouse! Yes, I did indeed name one of our cat’s mouse, lol; I did it because when she first started exploring her surrounding’s not long after her eyes opened, she was little enough to get into places we jokingly said only a mouse could slip into. Between that and how small a ball she could tuck herself into, Mouse just simply seemed fitting. Now, at 5yrs old, my girl is larger than her tuxedo mama yet, still always manages to curl up into as tight a ball as she can and wrap her long tail across her body and face where it almost touched her eye. I wish I could attach the photo of her when she was a kitten being held by my daughter, then you would see why I say, your Morgan and my Mouse look like they could be sisters. Mouse’s mama was(well still is to a degree) borderline feral and chose our house and a box on our deck to have her twins; took a few months of coaxing and loads of patience to get her inside and using a litter box too, now though she is a happy indoor girl! Only trusts us but at least she is safe and not continuing to contribute to the small feral community that’s in the woods in our neighborhood!

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