Weaving Winter: A Romantasy
The first book in the Winter’s Spell Trilogy
A Story in Three Parts 

Sometimes the Wolf is Safer than the Prince.
Print will be coming soon. Nook, Kobo, and Apple will release tomorrow!


Sometimes, it’s safer to trust the Wolf rather than the Prince…

After her mother’s death, Asajia discovers that the sheriff is planning to confiscate her inheritance, and force her into indentured servitude, another way of forcing her into his bed. Rather than accept her fate, she escapes into the darkly enchanted Bramble Fel Forest—a forest cursed with the perpetual breath of Winter, nightmarish creatures, and dark, dangerous secrets. Asajia would rather take her chances with the real monsters than submit to the vile man.

Unfortunately, the sheriff doesn’t like to lose, and he sends a raiding party to find her with orders to bring her back at any cost.

Once in the shadow of the forest, Asajia hopes she’s escaped. The raiders track her down and she’s outnumbered with nowhere to run.

A band of outcast wolf shifters arrives just in time to rescue her, and she soon finds herself pulled to their leader Bran, who is equally smitten with her. But when his brother, the prince, summons the riders back to the Castle Eleago, everything begins to go wrong.

Prince Karehl is far more dangerous than any of the creatures in the wild, and he takes an interest in Asajia. When he arrests her beloved Bran, Asajia knows she has to escape or become Karehl’s prisoner. Along with some of the Lorani—the riders of the Wolf People—she heads deep into the forest. Will her choice lead to her ruin or will it give her a life she never imagined possible?

Heat Level: Mild

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Weaving Winter Is In The Wild!

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