Cindy at the commercial

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Well, Mr. GrawGruff likes her, so that is good. RIIIIIIIIGHT???? Gee, I wonder how this will go. And by the way, who’s the idiot who put ‘Okey-dokey’ into the script? I know there was no alibiing. I’ll have to have

Cindy finds out what she is advertising

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Yeah, everyone (except Cindy) knew how this would turn out. As I always say: The greatness of a story is in direct proportion to how much a story teller hates the characters. I don’t hate Cindy, but I want the

Introducing William GrawGruff

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And here we have Billy… I mean William GrawGruff. Yeah, he’s a gruffy type of goat. And keeping with the carnivorous mammal theme, he claims carnivorous status with his ferret heritage. And he was NOT fun to introduce. But don’t

Cindy hates carrots

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Aaaand Cindy hates carrots. Gee, I wonder how this will play out, boys and girls. Let me know what you think.

Cindy’s commercial take two

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Yeah, the ending doesn’t look that great. And I need to lock the office door so that Cindy doesn’t confront me about how I wrote this. Let me know what you think.