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And now we formally introduce Tina Growly, an anthropomorphic tiger. Apparently she isn’t thrilled by my writing. Eh, she knows how to write, so I won’t press the issue.

Let me know what you think.

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Tina Growly

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Panel one, There is a room with a window with a tree outside. The room has a couch to one side, and a card catalog cabinet to the other side. (UD stands for Ubiquitous Dialog Box). There are two UD in the panel one. One says:

Name: Tina Growly
Age: 23
Height: 155 cms
Education: Degree in Creative Writing
Job: Dialog writer for All My Fur
Personal Quote: Gimme a triple Moki Mocha!

The second UD says “Meet Tina Growly.”
Tina reads a paper with Script written on the back of it. She is thinking “He’s got to be kidding.”

Panel two, UD says “She works as a writer at the soap opera All My Fur.” Tina looks up from her script and says “You expect me to say this drivel?
Panel three, UD says Hey! I wrote that drivel… I mean script.” Tina looks at the script again and says “And I have a No Drivel Clause in my contract.”
Panel four, UD says “Oh come on, the joke is funny.” Tina walks off, tossing the script to the air. She says “I’m heading to a Triple Moki Mocha with my name on it.”

Roar - Introducing Tina Growly Transcript
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Introducing Tina Growly

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