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Here is a comic EVERYONE can relate to. I remember all too many jobs I’ve had that fit into this category. I almost feel sorry for all the crappy things I’ll be doing to Tina Growly (Almost, that is). However, as I always say: The more a story-teller hates their characters, the better the story.

Let me know what you think.

Comic Characters

Tina Growly

Comic Storylines

Tina goes to work

Comic Transcripts

Panel one, Tina Growly is walking on a sidewalk. Near her on the building is a big revolving door. Tina looks down, is dejected, and thinks “I hate my job.”
Panel two, Tina is walking in a lobby. Behind her is a counter with chairs behind it. On the wall behind the counter is a big sign that says “FanglePuss Studios”. Tina is dejected, looking down, and thinking “I hate my job.” From off-scene is a dialog that says “Good morning, Ms. Growly.” Tina responds with “Hey Mac.”
Panel three, Tina is standing in front of an elevator facing away from it. Next to her is a table with a coffee setup and a box of donuts. Tina is still dejected, looking down, and thinks “Now that I’m here, I’ll say my three words that will make my job a little better.”
Panel four, Tina reaches for a donut while saying “Me want donut.”

Roar - Tina hates her job Transcript
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Tina hates her job

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