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Here is a comic EVERYONE can relate to. I remember all too many jobs I’ve had that fit into this category. I almost feel sorry for all the crappy things I’ll be doing to Tina Growly (Almost, that is). However, as I always say: The more a story-teller hates their characters, the better the story.

Let me know what you think.

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Comic Characters

Tina Growly

Comic Transcripts

Panel one, Tina Growly is walking on a sidewalk. Near her on the building is a big revolving door. Tina looks down, is dejected, and thinks “I hate my job.”
Panel two, Tina is walking in a lobby. Behind her is a counter with chairs behind it. On the wall behind the counter is a big sign that says “FanglePuss Studios”. Tina is dejected, looking down, and thinking “I hate my job.” From off-scene is a dialog that says “Good morning, Ms. Growly.” Tina responds with “Hey Mac.”
Panel three, Tina is standing in front of an elevator facing away from it. Next to her is a table with a coffee setup and a box of donuts. Tina is still dejected, looking down, and thinks “Now that I’m here, I’ll say my three words that will make my job a little better.”
Panel four, Tina reaches for a donut while saying “Me want donut.”

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Roar - Tina hates her job Transcript
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Tina hates her job

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