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Yeah, we’ve all been here. There isn’t much humor, but this comic tells a story.

Let me know what you think.

Comic Characters

Tina Growly

Comic Storylines

Tina goes to work

Comic Transcripts

Panel one, Tina Growly is in her office, sitting at her desk in front of her desk, her computer. The desk has a teddy bear, a potted plant and a container of colored pencils on it. On the wall is a dartboard. Tina is staring at her computer with sleepy eyes. She thinks “Six solid hours of this… I’m bored. Bored, bored, bored.”
Panel two, Tina types a lot of gibberish on her computer.
Panel three, Tina hangs her head back with her eyes shut. She thinks “Bored…”
Panel four, Tina looks at the computer screen again. She thinks “Come on, pull yourself together. Finish the script, get a head-start on the next one, then grab a Moki Mocha on the way home.”
Panel five, Tina looks off to the side and thinks “After all, this is how I get paid.”

Roar - Tina is bored… at work… Transcript
Tina is bored… at work… transcribed by Comic Transcript AuthorsSammy in

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Tina is bored… at work…

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