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And now we meet Sasha. She doesn’t like her name. Eh, it’s MY comic. Got it Sasha?

Let me know what you think.

Comic Characters

Sasha FanglePuss

Comic Transcripts

Panel one, There is a room with a window with a tree outside. The room has a couch to one side, and a card catalog cabinet to the other side. (UD stands for Ubiquitous Dialog Box). There are two UD in the panel one. One says:

Name: Sasha FanglePuss
Age: 55
Height: 170 cms
Education: She won’t tell me
Species: Sabertooth Tiger
Job: She owns and runs the soap opera All My Fur
Personal Quote: I build this show from nothing! Okay, maybe my mother helped a little… Fine! She handed it to me ten years ago! Are you happy?

The second UD says “Meet Sasha FanglePuss. She…”
Sasha has her hand raised, and says “Excuse me, Mr. Comic Person?”
UD responds with “Yes?”
Panel two, Sasha asks “FanglePuss? Are you kidding me?” The UD responds with “Well, yes. That is your last name because…” Sasha points to her fangs and interrupts with “I have fangs, I get it, ha-ha, but…”
Panel three, UD interrupts her with “Look, you agreed to this, so just smile, and make sure you show your fangs!” Sasha has her eyes shut and hands spread out, exasperated, and says “Fine.”
Panel four, UD says “As I was saying, she runs the soap opera All My Fur, and is Tina’s boss.” Sasha has a half smile, and a snarky expression, and is thinking “I wonder if that acting job at Snarl comic is still available.”

Roar - Introducing Sasha FanglePuss Transcript
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Introducing Sasha FanglePuss

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