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As I said last time, it didn’t look good. Now everyone knows who that Oatmeal-for-brains tag line applies to.

Let me know what you think.

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Michael Roar

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Michael gets fired

Comic Transcripts

Panel one, Michael is standing in front of a partially finished brick wall. There is a table with a toolbox and laptop on it. He faces his boss with sweat marks coming off of him, nervous, and says “What? Why?” The boss says “Remember what we agreed on when you started here?”
Panel two, Michael has his hands out, looking out to the construction site. He says “Yeah, as long as I learned the job I can work here!” His boss says “And you haven’t.” Michael says “But I have!”
Panel three, his boss hold a hammer in front of Michael and asks “All right, what’s this?” Michael looks at the hammer, surprised.
Panel four, Michael waves his arms out to the side, nervous. He looks at the hammer and says “Wait, I know this one! It’s… It’s…” His boss looks off to the side, looking up with a resigned expression and says “I’ll mail you your last paycheck, Michael.”

Roar - Michael gets fired Transcript
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Michael gets fired

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