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Yes, the characters will dance at La Furry Royal. Eh, why not. And yes, Steven likes Robert.

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Panel One, Michael Roar, Richard Ruffards are on a couch at StarFox coffee shop, with Robert Ruffards and Steven Stripes on an adjoining couch. In front of the couch is a coffee table with a rubik’s cube on it, and a bookshelf next to one of the couches. On the wall is a big sign that says StarFox, with a picture of a fox above a steaming cup of coffee. All four are holding a coffee drink, with Robert drinking his. Richard asks Steven “Do you mean all of us dancing at La Furry Royal?” Steven says “Well, yes.” Michael looks at the audience, thinking “Of course that’s what he meant.”
Panel Two, Michael says to Steven “I can’t. Next Friday I’ll be spending time with my girlfriend Cindy.” Richard and Steven take a drink from their cup.
Panel Three, Michael says “Also, since I got fired today, I asked the owner if I can dance there tonight for rent money, and he said yes. You know how he feels about having dancers perform there too often.” Steven says “Yes, I know.” Robert takes a drink from his cup.
Panel Four, Steven says “I guess that leaves the three of us to entertain the ladies that night.” Richard says “Sure.” Robert says “I’m in.” Michael takes a drink from his cup.
Panel Five, Steven’s cup is on the coffee table, and is reaching for Robert’s back. With a smile, Steven says “And after that, we can always head to my place to…” Robert glares at Steven, saying “Again, get bent.” Richard looks at Steven with a smile. Michael looks at the audience with a smile.

Roar - Scheduled to Dance Transcript
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Scheduled to Dance

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