A discussion of stage names ensues. And NO, I do NOT lack creativity on names, Steven! Geesh!

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Panel One, Michael Roar, Richard Ruffards, and Robert Ruffards are at StarFox coffee shop, sitting on couches. From off-scene is a dialog box from Steven Stripes that says “I’ll head back to the gym. See you later.” Richard waves, saying “All right, bye.” Michael says “Bye.” Robert takes a drink from his coffee cup.l
Panel Two, Robert asks “So Michael, are you still using your stage name of King of the Jungle?” Michael says “Yes. Is yours still Big Bob?” Robert answers “Of course.” Richard takes a drink.
Panel Three, Michael asks “What is Steven’s stage name now?” Robert says “Mr. Stripes.” Richard asks “Why is he using something so basic?”
Panel Four, from off-scene is a dialog box that says “Because a certain cartoonist lacks creativity with…” The Ubiquitous Dialog says “Don’t you have a gym to run?” Another off-scene dialog says “I’m going, I’m going.” Richard, Michael and Robert are looking at the audience, smiling.

Roar - Stage Names Transcript
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