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I wonder what stage name Richard doesn’t like? Let’s see, Robert’s stage name is Big Bob, with Bob being short for Robert. Therefore, Richard’s stage name might be Big (Fill-in-name-short-for-Richard).

Let me know what you think.

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Panel One, Michael Roar, Richard Ruffards, and Robert Ruffards are at StarFox coffee shop, sitting on couches. Robert says to Richard “And of course there’s your stage name of Big…” With eyes shut, angry, Richard yells “Don’t say it!”
Panel Two, Robert says “…Rich. I was going to say Big Rich.” Richard says “Yeah, I know.”
Panel Three, Robert has a partial smile and says “Well woof.” Richard’s eyes are wide open.
Panel Four, Robert leans towards Richard, points at him, and says “Did you think I was going to say Big…” With eyes shut, Richard squeezes his coffee cup, sending the coffee lid and liquid flying, yells “Don’t say it!” Michael looks at the audience with a smile.

Roar - Richard’s Stage Name Transcript
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Richard’s Stage Name

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