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And after they spend some quality time together (which I had to wait outside… sigh again…), they spend some more time together in the kitchen. I guess lions and cheetahs like cupcakes.

And regarding Becky, I’m referring to this comic: Like I said before:

  • Don’t worry boys and girls, no animals were harmed in the making of this comic!
    • (Only cupcakes.)

Let me know what you think.

Comic Characters

Cindy MewersMichael Roar

Comic Storylines

Michael and Robert Apt

Comic Transcripts

Panel One, Michael and Cindy are sitting at the kitchen table in Michael and Robert’s apartment. There is a Ubiquitous Dialog (UD) that says “Some Time Later…) Becky says to Michael “And thanks to Becky, I’m going to star in a commercial soon.” Michael says to Cindy “That’s great!” A UD whispers (See that boys and girls? Becky is fine.)
Panel Two, there is a dialog from off-scene that says “Ding!” Cindy asks “What’s that?” Michael looks at where the sound came from and says “While we were in the bedroom, I started baking.”
Panel Three, Cindy asks “What did you make?” From off-scene, Michael says “Only the most perfect food in the world!” Cindy says “You mean…”
Panel Four, Michael is back in the scene , and there is a plate of cupcakes on the table. Michael says “Cupcakes!” With arms straight up and eyes closed, Cindy says “Yay!”

Roar - Michael makes Cupcakes for Cindy Transcript
Michael makes Cupcakes for Cindy transcribed by Comic Transcript AuthorsSammyGalen in

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Michael makes Cupcakes for Cindy

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