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And the moral of this comic is…

Waaiid-a-minute, Michael is part bear! Wow! Wowie!

Any-hoo… (Where was I? Oh yeah, the moral of this comic…) Cindy does not like carrots, and people shouldn’t be talked into eating something they don’t like. There are foods I don’t like, therefore I don’t eat them.

Let me know what you think.

Comic Characters

Cindy MewersMichael Roar

Comic Storylines

Michael and Robert Apt

Comic Transcripts

Panel One, both Cindy and Michael are in the kitchen of Michael’s and Robert’s apartment, sitting at a table. On the table are a plate of orange colored cupcakes. Cindy is looking at the cupcakes with disgust. She asks “What kind of cupcakes are they?” Michael says “Carrot.” Cindy says “Michael, we talked about this before: Cheetahs don’t like carrots.”
Panel Two, Michael and Cindy are looking at each other. Michael says “But your mom likes them.” Cindy says “Well… she’s an exception. Besides, carnivores don’t like carrots in general.”
Panel Three, Michael is looking off to the distance, and says “But I’m a carnivore, and I like them.” Cindy has her arms folded, eyes shut, and says “That’s because you’re part bear!” Michael says “Oh yeah. But…”
Panel Four, Cindy has her eyes shut and arms down, says “I hate carrots!” Michael snatches the plate of cupcakes away and says “Sorry about that, I’ll save these for a casserole.”
Panel Five, Michael says “I can make some cookies, if you wish.” Cindy asks “Can they be chocolate chip with marshmallows?”
Panel Six, Michael says “Yes, I just picked up some rainbow marshmallows today.” With hands up in the air and eyes closed, Cindy says “Yay!”

Roar - The WRONG cupcakes Transcript
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The WRONG cupcakes

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