Bewitching Bedlam Series
Genre: Steamy Paranormal Romance

Novels Available, In Order:
Blood Music (novelette–prequel): (2016)
Bewitching Bedlam: (2017)
Blood Vengeance (2017)
Tiger Tails (2017)
Maudlin’s Mayhem: (2017)

Siren’s Song (2017)
Witches Wild (2018)
Casting Curses (2018)
& More in 2018

Fury Unbound Series:
Genre: Dystopian/Paranormal Romance

Novels Available, In Order:
Fury Rising (2016)
Fury’s Magic (2016)
Fury Awakened (2017)
Fury Calling (2017)

This story arc is complete. The second arc will be announced later on.

The Wild Hunt:
Urban Fantasy

The Silver Stag (2/2018)
Oak and Thorns
Iron Bones
& More to come

Otherworld Series (aka Sisters of the Moon Series):
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Novels Available, In Order (from Berkley):
Witchling (10/06)
Changeling (6/07)
Darkling (1/08)
Dragon Wytch (7/08)
Night Huntress (1/09))
Demon Mistress (6/09)
Bone Magic (1/10)
Harvest Hunting (10/10)
Blood Wyne (2/11)
Courting Darkness (11/11)
Shaded Vision (2/12)
Shadow Rising (10/12)
Haunted Moon (1/13)
Autumn Whispers (10/13)
Crimson Veil (2/14)
Priestess Dreaming (10/14)
Panther Prowling: (1/15)
Darkness Raging: (2/16)

Novels Available (in Indie format):
Moon Shimmers (5/17)

Coming (in Indie format):
Knight Magic–Novelette (2017)
Silent Night–Novelette (2017)
Autumn’s Daughter (May 2018)
Blood Bonds (May 2019)

Novellas, In Order (from Berkley):

The Shadow of Mist
Etched in Silver
Ice Shards
Flight From Hell (ties the OW Series with the Fly By Night Series)

Indie Short Collections and Novelettes:
Tales of Otherworld: Collection 1
Men of Otherworld: Collection 1
Men of Otherworld: Collection 2
Moon Swept
Otherworld Tales (contains Tales of Otherworld, and both Men of Otherworld collections)

Series on Hiatus:

Whisper Hollow Series
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Novels Available:
Autumn Thorns (2015)
Shadow Silence (2016)

Fly By Night Series (a spinoff of Otherworld):
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Flight From Death: (2015)
Flight From Mayhem: (2016)

Indigo Court Series:
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Novels Available:
Night Myst (6/10)
Night Veil (7/11)
Night Seeker (6/12)
Night Vision (7/13)
Night’s End (7/14)

Indie Novella:
Night Shivers

Lily Bound Series:
Souljacker (3/17)

Chintz ‘n China Mystery Series:
Genre: Paranormal Mystery

In Order (All now available in e-format):
Ghost of a Chance (2003)
Legend of the Jade Dragon (2004)
Murder Under A Mystic Moon (2005)
A Harvest of Bones (2005)
One Hex of a Wedding (2006)

Bath and Body Series (originally written under the pen name of India Ink) and now available in e-format under my name:
Genre: Cozy Chick Lit Mystery

In Order:
Scent to Her Grave (2005)
A Blush With Death (2006)
Glossed and Found (2007)

Metaphysical Nonfiction:
Genre: nonfiction, spirituality

Trancing the Witch’s Wheel (1997)
Embracing the Moon (1998)  (Available in e-format)
Dancing With the Sun (1999)
Tarot Journeys (1999) (available in e-format)
Crafting the Body Divine (2001)
Sexual Ecstasy and the Divine (2003)
Magical Meditations (2004) (second edition of Trancing the Witch’s Wheel)
Totem Magic (2004)

Misc Anthologies:

Once Upon a Curse (5/16) (Short Story: Bones)
Once Upon a Kiss (1/17) (Short Story: Princess Charming)
Mist & Shadows: Short Tales for Dark Nights (short stories by Yasmine)
Songs of Love and Death (11/10) (Short Story: The Man in the Mirror)
Songs of Love and Darkness: (Short Story: The Man in the Mirror)
House of Nyx: (Essay: She is Goddess)



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