Hello and welcome! Today I will be talking about the astrological energies coming for Yule 2020 – the famous conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at zero degrees Aquarius that so many people, even non-astrologers, have been talking about.

You may already have heard that on December 21st (at 5:00 PM pacific time) these two planets will be closer together than they have been in centuries – since the middle ages. But it’s not only that, they are coming so closely together on solstice – the witch’s holiday of Yule, the time when we celebrate the beginning of the return of the light, recognizing the death of the old Holly King and the start of the Oak King’s rule. But even more than that, this conjunction of these two planets happen at zero degree of Aquarius, which signals a new 200 year cycle – what we sang about in the 60s, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

So what does this mean? Well, the energy of Jupiter is that it expands and uplifts anything it touches. Jupiter’s energy is conceptual – the big idea, the rosy future, the awesome growth possibilities. The energy of Saturn is a reaction to that – it shrinks and crystallizes/makes “real” anything it touches. It’s the “sure, great idea, but will it really work? And what’s it going to cost?” energy. And Aquarius – Aquarius is about waking up and smelling the coffee, about a new day and a new way of living – about innovation and invention and refreshing points of view, and above all – the love of humanity. Like all of the astrological energies, you have a choice about how you use this energy, how you integrate it into your life. If you know where the sign of Aquarius is in your chart, especially the house (aka the area of your life) you’re have an idea of where you’ll be offered the biggest opportunity for taking advantage of this energy. For me, it’s in my third house of thought process and communication, and just writing this blog represents some of that Aquarian technology – sharing my thoughts and ideas with the world, and in a concrete practical way.

So how will you take advantage of this once in a lifetime coming together of the big ideas and possibilities with the practical, we-can-make-it-real energies of Jupiter and Saturn? First, you must find a way to grab on to optimism, and big ideas – which is Jupiter energy. What is it you want to be or do? What changes do you want to make this year? Sit down and meditate, or journal, and dream big. This is not the time to think small, or think big and then say, “oh it’ll never happen, why try?” This IS the time to say “it’s a big conjunction signaling big change, and I can use that energy to create my new reality. Rest assured, the Saturn energy will do the rest – if you keep your eye on the optimism, and imagine it’s already happened, it’s on its way, it’s coming.

Law of attraction – in action.

Bright blessings to you!

Carol Shannon, Astrologer

The great Jupiter -Saturn Conjunction – on Yule!

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