So, we’re coming to a new year–and I think most of us are happy about that. As I fill out my planners and set my work and personal goals for the new year, I also am looking at my magickal goals. It’s been a haphazard year with magick and focus, and I feel the energy driving me to focus more intentionally.

Hence, I found a wonderful tarot planner on Etsy, in printable format, and I’m going to use that combined with a few other planner pages, to keep myself on track.

As far as energy goes–I feel the energies of Ukko & the aurora energy calling me to come play, and that correlates with the energies of my astrological chart. My Lady Mielikki–with her faerie fire and deep woodlands energy rising up is tapping on my shoulder. Brighid is dangling the muse–the drive to write, write, write like I’m on fire. And Rauni brings to me her sense of organization and taking control of the things I can. And behind them, Tapio guards the gates, so to speak, and warns me to ward heavily during the coming year and not let anyone–or thing–drain my energy.

So I’m planning and charting and preparing, because it feels like on January 1st, yes, things WILL shift. Actually, they shifted at the Solstice, in a major way, and so I’m already working with the change in focus, and I’m looking forward to charting an entire year of tarot and magick in a way that I haven’t for quite some time.

What are your magickal goals for the year?



Coming to 2021
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