May: Faerie Moon

May is a wonderful time in which to enjoy life. This month, we focus our ritual on the mating of the God and Goddess, and honor their union and the life that springs forth.

For this ritual, decorate your altar with a purple cloth, a chalice of wine, your athame, and two green candles. Arrange armfuls of flowers around the altar. Cast a circle and invoke the God and Goddess.

Focus on the coming summer, the strength of the sun and growth of life. Sense the energy of the Goddess and her Mate, and draw that power into yourself. Feel their connection as they embrace.

As the energy builds, hold the athame over the chalice, focusing on its symbolic connection to the phallus of the God. Plunge the tip slowly into the chalice, which represents the vagina of the Goddess, and say:

As this athame enters the wine,
So the God enters the Goddess
Their mating brings life to the Earth.

When finished, sip the wine and feel their power and passion within you. Offer the rest as a libation to the Earth.

Affirmation for the Faerie Moon: I am filled with strength and passion.