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Paranormal Pin-Up

As you know by now, I have been a shamanic witch for over thirty-eight years. I entered the craft when I was nineteen, in 1980. I never regretted my path, and in fact, I thrive and attribute a lot of my joy and success to my spirituality.

Today I'm going to talk a little bit about psychic energy and psychic powers. I firmly believe that we’re all capable of reaching out and touching the energy that interweaves through everything in this universe, though some have stronger abilities than others.

I’ve always been psychic. As a child it scared the hell out of me because I was brought up in a Christian household. Yet my mother and stepfather were fascinated by psychic abilities and we even did a lot of experiments. Unfortunately, the house I grew up in was haunted by both actual spirits as well as a lot of traumatic memories and events from not just my childhood, but whoever owned the house before. So, while my psychic abilities were encouraged, I had no understanding on how to ward myself from negative entities and energy, and I tapped into way too much trauma way too early.

spooky houseJust one example: I remember sitting in my room at night, which was upstairs, and I would hear someone calling my name. I would call downstairs to see if my mother or stepfather had been calling me but they would say no. This happened over and over, and pretty soon I did my best to block it out.

The house was built in 1912, and my mother and stepfather didn't buy it until sometime in the 50s. So there was plenty of time for things to happen in that house and entities to settle in. I'm actually thinking of doing some research on it, because the house was such a creepy place, and both my niece — who lived there briefly — and I have had numerous dreams where we are pulled back to it but don't want to go.

Anyway, so yes, I've been psychic ever since I was little. Not only have I had flashes of precognition long before I learned to read the tarot cards, but I've also had numerous incidents involving clairaudience and clairvoyance, and I will tell you it can be disconcerting.

As I said, I firmly believe that almost everyone has the capability to develop their psychic powers to some extent, but both disbelief and fear can hold you back. That flash of intuition, that hunch or instinct, it comes from somewhere.

I strongly feel that if you have a sixth sense, or if your children do, you should learn how to ward yourself against unwanted energies. Because there are a lot of negative spirits running around, some of which have never been human, and some of them do delight in bothering people and messing with their minds.

While I absolutely refuse to offer personal psychic advice anymore (it’s far too energy intensive and not something I feel called to do), I do have an extensive magickal reading list that I have my assistant send out when people ask for advice. If you’re interested, email from the contact page and ask for it.I Love Lists

On that list, is a book that I recommend for people who haven't had much to do with the psychic world or any form of magic. It’s one of the safest guides in learning how to both protect yourself and to best utilize your psychic abilities.

It's called The Psychic Healing Book, and it's by Bill Henkin and Amy Wallace.  I recommend this guide to all beginners. There are techniques in the book that will work well for children, too—and if you have a child who has psychic abilities, who seems to be sensitive to the astral/spirit world, then you really should help them learn how to develop those powers safely, and how to protect themselves. Psychic abilities don't just go away. You can suppress them, or ignore them, but they're a part of your being and they will filter through.

So, if you ever lived in a house that felt haunted? Or have you ever heard or sensed anything that later came to pass? If so, feel free to talk about it here in the comments.

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