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Little Black Cat says "AUTUMN CONTEST TIME"

It's that time again! I'm giving away a bag of goodies (and you KNOW I give good contest prizes) INCLUDING a 7" KINDLE FIRE!!! Yep, so now you can read all my books on a brand new e-reader! The goodies include a lot of other fun things, so woohoo!


1 winner will receive: Tote bag o' goodies including a 7" Kindle Fire
15 winners will each receive: 2 random books from my backlist (our pick)

I'm sorry, but given the postage, this will be a US Only contest. (It is what it is, folks).

To Enter:

  1. Post a comment in the comment of THIS BLOG POST --NO other entries will be accepted.
  2. In the comment you must tell us:
    1. That you are over 18
    2. That you are in the US (MAKE CERTAIN when you post a comment that you enter your email correctly. We will not attempt to track you down if it bounces).
    3. You must answer this question: If you were given the option to date one of the characters from either: The Wild Hunt Series, the Bewitching Bedlam Series, or the Fury Unbound series, who would you pick and why? (MUST be from one of these three series, no other choices will be accepted).
    4. You must enter by October 2, 2018, midnight PDT.

If you are chosen as one of the winners, you must answer the email Jenn sends out within a week of her sending it. We will pick the winners on October 3rd, and all winners will be emailed by October 4th. So check your email and spam filters starting that day.

So tell me who you'd date and why...*grins* And keep it R-rated at the most, please.  😈

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