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Autumn Makeup Finds

It's been ages since I did a makeup post, so since I've been buying a lot of makeup lately, I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you.

To start, foundation primers. I have looked for a good primer for ages, one that feels silky and smooth and light. And I found two of them! One is from Tarte and one from Benefit--and though both look tinted, they go on smooth and mostly translucent. And my face feels good--not like I'm under layers of makeup (even though I am). Both go on and smooths the way for foundation, I find I use less foundation, and it doesn't feel as heavy on my face.

Two of the palettes I bought are in the purple/mauve range, both from Colourpop (I LOVE their makeup), and one is It's My Pleasure. The other is called Amor. Together with a pale nude or a white shadow beneath them, it looks fantastic.


The next three palettes are, again, from Colourpop. These are the blue-toned range, and one palette is Hello Kitty Coco Cutie. The two longer, thin ones are: It's a Glitch, and Rumor Has It. I do love Colourpop's shadows, especially, because they're very vivid and striking.


And the last finds I have for you are for the eyes, as well.

Tarte's Maneater Eyeliner is vivid black and easy to apply. It's a pen, but it works almost like a brush. And it's waterproof. Tarte also makes the mascara primer I use--one coat is all you need. I've been using Thrive's Liquid Lash Extensions--a mascara that works to lengthen your lashes. Honestly, I'm someone who seldom used mascara because my eyelashes are thin and scattered. I began using this and I see a visible difference. My lashes look fuller and longer to the point of where I bought a lash curler (which I didn't own). Anyway, I love it and this is the third tube I've used so I'm rebuying. And lastly, Colourpop's brow setter works really well. I buy the clear because I use different colors on my brows, but they also have brown and blonde, I believe.

Anyway, these are some of my fun new finds this year, and I'm loving playing around with the different colors. And none of the above cause a reaction in me, so that's a MUCHLY welcomed plus!

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