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Blogmas: Goals for the New Year (Giveaway)

Coffee and tablet

So, this week, every year, I plan out my coming year--I do extensive planning for my work, and to a lesser degree, for my life. I'm thinking this year of using the Power Sheets plan. I never make 'resolutions' because I prefer the solidity of goals--I usually achieve my goals. I don't always achieve 'resolutions' because they never mean that much to me. I think it's the difference between a decision to do something and a 'wish' that something would happen.

So, what are your plans for the new year? How do you make decisions on what you want to accomplish?

And, one person who answers my question will win a 2021 planner and a pen! (You must be in the US, 18 or over, and answer the question above).


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