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Blogtober Sneak Peeks & Harvest Web Release Notes

So, next month on the blog, as I said earlier, I'll be having my Autumn contest, along with a number of smaller contests. So check in daily to see what's happening. I always go all out in October--after all it's the Witching Season, and I'm a witch, and it's my favorite time of year.

I'm thrilled that the days are shorter, that nights are growing longer, that the fog and mist and rains have rolled into our area. It's times like this that I give thanks that I live in the Pacific Northwest. Now, eastern Washington is vastly different than western Washington, where I live. I grew up over on the east side of the Cascades, though, and frankly, you couldn't pay me to go back. I detest the climate over there, and it's also far more conservative and you know me--I'm far from a conservative.

And of course, next week is the release of HARVEST WEB! My ARC readers love it, and they're so excited about it. I will say, though--while I'll be putting out a print copy, there's something my print readers should know.  There is a MAJOR paper shortage, and it's impacting publishing--both trad and indie. So there's no guarantee that, when you order print, that you'll receive your copy in a timely fashion. If it begins to impact more indie authors, I recommend if you like e-books, you might want to think about buying the e-book and save a tree! (Then, later (who knows when), order the print if you want it).

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