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But First, Coffee

So, I was thinking about how fast time flows. Last year seemed to both last forever, and yet it sped by in the blink of an eye. And then I thought about how many overwhelming bad things happened last year, and I began to get really depressed. So I decided to look for six wonderful things that came out of last year, to hold onto and not dwell on the negative.

And I came up with these things, for me:


  1. I got to see Hamilton, thanks to Disney+. If the pandemic hadn't happened, I might not have been able to. So, while I sure as well wish we hadn't had it, one positive outcome is I got to watch (and rewatch and rewatch) a musical that has quickly become one of my favorites.
  2. I started the Moonshadow Bay Series. I love the Wild Hunt--don't get me wrong--but I really enjoyed writing Starlight Web, and I'm thrilled people have like it so much. That's a big win for me.
  3. All our kitties came through 2020 in good health, and happy. That matters to me. More than just about everything.
  4. Again, because of the pandemic, a group of authors I'm friends with started a zoom sprinting group. We meet every day to write. We started this in July and it's been a sanity-keeper and now none of us ever want the group to end. We mark out that time to write together, and we've been able to keep each other on track.
  5. Sam and I got rid of our landline, and switched to higher internet speed, and Hulu (along with Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime). Best move we've made re: TV, phone, etc.
  6. My commitment to my YouTube channel is paying off.

So, those are six things I'm grateful for. And they aren't small, either. We've saved money (thanks to #5), I've managed to keep the books going (thanks to #4), and even in a world that feels like it fell into chaos, I felt I had some foundation--some feeling of order in a year that will go down in infamy.

What good things can you take out of last year, whether related to the pandemic or not? What went right?


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