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But First, Coffee

iced latte

Good morning, peeps. Got your coffee? I have my iced, sugar-free vanilla-caramel coconut milk latte and Sam made my breakfast, and I’m getting ready to work. I’ve been getting up a bit later than I usually do, thanks to all the weirdness with Covid lately.

I’m fully expecting us to head back into some form of shutdown because cases are rising here in WA again. King County’s on the rise, where we live, and the state as a whole has several hot spots that are currently out of control. And we’re in a state that went into early shutdown, with strong restrictions. We flattened our curve, but as restrictions are easing, once again those numbers are moving up. I dread thinking about the rest of the country. And with all the idiots refusing to mask up and refusing to consider others instead of their own selfish needs, I foresee a lot more deaths coming during the next six months.

So, I’m going back to red hair. I’ve loved having the mermaid hair, but the upkeep is expensive, and if we do go into lockdown again, I want something easy to keep up. And I like having burgundy hair, so I’m not really all that disappointed. If I could have my mermaid hair naturally instead of going through a 3-process step to get it, well, then all would be hunky-dory.

In other news, I’m working on Autumn’s Bane. I love writing the Wild Hunt and immersing myself in Ember and Raven’s worlds has been a blessing. I find it interesting that Raven’s books don’t sell quite as well as Ember’s books—not quite sure why—but enough people buy them so far for me to keep writing them. I’ve been thinking about future spin offs, but we’ll have to see how things go over the next year or two.

There have been a few shakeups in the SFF community with more reports of sexual misconduct by (primarily) male authors emerging to light. I’m sad to say that I’m not surprised. I long ago stopped going to SF conventions because—as a female author—I got talked over on panels, and relegated to the side a lot, even though I was, at times, the most successful author in the group. The reason? The rest of the panel was composed of men, some of whom decided to answer questions that were posed for me, some of whom talked over me, and the moderators just let it happen. I had hoped things would be better now, but apparently, there are still plenty of problematic authors out there. Anyway, while I still belong to SFWA, and I’m on a committee there, right now I’m feeling disheartened.

Otherwise, I’ve set my third quarter goals for my writing schedule. I was going to make a planner video about it till I realized it would be hours long and nobody’s going to sit through that. So I’ll probably make an overview of what I did. I also created a tarot journal for myself and I might include that in an upcoming video.

I hope your week is a good one. Remember: wear your masks, so many of us who are immune compromised depend on YOU to do what’s right. And right now, a little more than 20% of the world population appears to be in higher risk groups (that’s one out of five people). We are NOT a small minority.

Bright Blessings and stay safe!

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