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But First, Coffee (And Some Important Info)

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Good morning, or rather good afternoon. I've been getting up later because my bedtime is crept up way too late lately. I haven't been getting to bed until around 2 AM. Sometimes it's because of a reaction, and other times it's just because my natural inclination is to go to sleep around then and then get up at about 9:30. Unfortunately, that doesn't always jive with the schedule of other people I have to deal with. Although I must admit, during the shutdown when were not seeing nearly as many people, there's less of that worry.

So this weekend I was actually able to get my nails done for the first time in weeks. My salon follows extremely strict Covid protocol. We get there, I text my nail lady. Nora comes out and takes my temperature. I make sure I have a mask on before she does. Get out and go into the salon with her and she locks the door behind us. I wash my hands for 20 seconds minimum. Put on a gown over my clothes. We do my nails, I wash my hands again and she walks me out. They are only allowed to run at 25% capacity so there were very few people in there, and I hardly saw anybody, even at a distance except for my nail tech. I feel comfortable enough with her conscientiousness about virus safety to actually go. And it was sure nice to have my nails done. I know it small in the scheme of everything that's happening, but for me it felt like a little touch of normality and I dearly needed that.

I'll be getting my hair done on Saturday, and I'm looking forward to that more than just about anything. Since it's the same salon, I'll be going through the same procedure. I'm not looking forward to wearing a mask for the 2 to 3 hours it's going to take to get my hair under control, but I will do it. Because of my asthma I have trouble with cloth masks so I buy the paper ones.

I am working on AUTUMN'S BANE now. I have made a decision for the rest of this year. I will be working solely on the Wild Hunt series. This does not mean that I won't be revisiting Whisper Hollow, Fury Unbound, or Bewitching Bedlam next year and the years after. It's just that the chaos of this year so far has thrown my OCD into a bit of a tailspin, and it's also impacted my MCAS, with the stress causing more reactions than usual.

I need to stay with the world that I am most into in my head and heart, and that I am most familiar with in order to keep on schedule and keep myself focused. So you will be getting several more Ember and Raven books this year. I am also very happy to say that the series is still selling just it as well or better as it did when I started it, which means definitely more books on the way. I'm so thrilled that you have taken the Wild Hunt into your heart, because it's very firmly ingrained in my mind. I will be putting WITCHING TIME up for preorder later this week, so tomorrow, you get the cover reveal for it here on my blog only!

I do have another series that I am looking forward to writing and possibly will begin next year. It’s a finite series, with a certain number of books planned, and it's a darker vampire series.

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Another piece of news is that I will only be using Twitter from now on to announce updates and new releases. I will no longer going there to personally interact. I realized this weekend that the platform has become an extreme sense of stress for me. I no longer enjoy it the way I use to, and frankly, it's an addiction I need to break cold-turkey. I need to keep things as calm as I can because of the mast cell disorder. I am not deleting my account, but I'm taking things back to scratch and you will only see business updates there anymore.

I'm keeping my personal interaction to this blog, my YouTube channel, and my forums on my website if anybody has a mind to use them.

Which brings me to Facebook. While my Facebook group is still active, I don't plan on being there much, and it's not the best place to find all my updates, especially since I’m growing more and more iffy about what I post there and the fact that they throttle so many of my posts and take down author pages/groups without warning.

I am deactivating my Patreon page. I’ve found I’m not comfortable with using it, and so I put a ‘buy me coffee’ link on the site here, in case someone wants to donate to help keep my site/YT channel/newsletter running, but I really don’t expect or want people to feel obligated to do so.

Instagram I simply use for kitty pictures and the like, I don't usually post updates about my new books.

My newsletter is the best resource for updates, as well as this blog. Once again I'm late with getting it out this month but I'll do so this weekend. That's always a good place to find out about all my new and upcoming releases and most of my sales.

So, that's it for now. I will be reposting this particular blog in my Facebook group because of the information on the social media changes. But after that it's just the usual business that I ask Jenn to post.

Bright blessings and I hope that you have an easy week.



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