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But First Coffee: Coping Mechanisms

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Good morning, peeps. I’m getting ready to get to work here, but thought I’d take a few moments to post a quick blogs. Apple is here, curling in my arms as I type. Over the years I’ve gotten to be pretty adept at typing around cats, and given Apple needs his blanket or he gets distressed, I’ve learned how to juggle the keyboard as well as a cat.

I’ve started working with a writing/life coach, and so far, it’s been helpful in terms regaining my focus. I’ve been thinking a lot about how we’re living in a history-making time. I’m not talking just ‘regular events’ but this pandemic will go down in the history books. None of us know how this will pan out. My assistant Andria mentioned the other day that it feels like the prologue in a post-apocalyptic novel, and to some degree, I have to agree with her.

The last epic pandemic was in 1918, over one hundred years ago. Science has advanced, but so has the population density, and there are enough people out there who are either unconcerned because they think they’ll remain unaffected, or who are willfully ignorant about the actual facts that I dread seeing what the numbers will look like over the next six months.

But it all boils down to stress, worry, and fear. And during times of stress/worry/fear, we need to find things to hold onto, in order to maintain our balance and equilibrium. We can’t rely on tried-and-true for the most part, given so much of those things mean interacting with others, so I suggest we all create our own comfort-routines that will be there for us.

By that I mean, what gives you comfort and boosts your health and well-being? For me, it’s become a long shower at night (in our delightful new shower), softly singing magickal chants as I clear away the cloud of stress from the day under the warm water. It’s going back to my morning routine where I meditate first, and don’t even touch social media until I’m done with my work for the day. It’s comfort-watch re-runs, playing and cuddling with the cats, it’s finding food I like that won’t tear down my health—and a few treats in between. It’s focusing on what I can do, what I do like (like putting on makeup almost daily), and trying to keep up a ‘normal’ routine as much as possible. These little anchors help ground and center us in our daily lives.

It’s also important to be gentle with ourselves. It’s not a good time to focus on where we are lacking, but to boost our strengths, to remember to be kind, to be courteous and fair. There are a lot of angry people out there—and some have a good deal to be angry about, some of that anger is more than justified. But focusing on anger alone isn’t going to help. Focusing all your energy into negative channels will only make things seem more overwhelming. So I guess what I’m saying is sprinkle in an attempt to be empathetic. Remember, we truly are in this together. What I do, what others do, it all affects the world. You aren’t wearing that mask to protect yourself, but to protect others. And we’re wearing our masks to protect you.

What are you doing in this pandemic to try to retain an even keel? What coping mechanisms are you using?

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