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Do you have advice for aspiring authors?

Some, yes. Read. Read what you love. Read what you don’t. Write what you love–if you try to write to the market, you may find your work is stiff and comes off like cardboard–flat and well-rounded. Research. Do your footwork. Don’t just ask other authors for help, but also study. There’s so much info out there now on traditional publishing, indie publishing, that it can be easy to get overwhelmed, but that’s the way with just about any occupation. KEEP writing. Don’t expect your first efforts to be golden–most authors take years to hone their craft, trad OR indie. Don’t expect a field of riches from this–most authors don’t make a lot of money. There IS money to be made, but you have to provide work that speaks to your audience, that they want more of. And you have to provide quality products–you can’t just slam it on the keyboard and toss it up on line and expect to have readers swooning at your feet.

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