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Dystopia 2020 and How To Weather It

Dystopian women ready to rumble

So...when I started writing Fury, I didn't expect to be living in a pseudo-dystopian world before long, though there was a part of me that always felt like something was coming.

So, yeah, we're in it now, folks. The coronavirus isn't going away quickly, and even if they find a vaccine we have to face that it's changing how we interact for at least the foreseeable future. I live in the Seattle area--Ground Zero for the States...and it's sobering. Pandemics are nothing new, but this is a particularly aggressive one.
Here in Seattle we're not fully into shelter-in-place, but definitely on lockdown of so many things, which is a good thing. All schools, bars, restaurants, salons, gyms, most malls, are all closed. Any gatherings of 50 or more are banned, and I rather expect to see that number grow smaller before things get better.
I'm grateful our governor here is on top of things. There are hopeful notes--they're working on finding a vaccine for the virus, though that may take months. But I gather China is finding some medications to be helpful. the meantime...we need to do what we can to weather this storm. And we need to shore each other up and look to our loved ones and neighbors and friends to make sure we're all pulling through as much as we can. IF you can, now is the time to donate to food banks--people will be in need.
Meanwhile, this post is here for you, to remind you that we can make it through this. Take all precautions, remember that the immuno-compromised need those of you who are healthy to be cautious (and I'm one of them, so is my husband), and try to find whatever joy you can because joy beats back the looming shadows.
Tell me, what's it like where you are? What are you doing to make it through this time? What are you doing to keep joy in your life? And if you're afraid, please, take a deep breath and know that it's okay to be afraid--but try to step through the panic because panic trips us up.
Hugs, my peeps, and take care out there.
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