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I Now Have a Patreon Page!

Welcome to My Patreon

After years of thinking about it, I've finally opened up a Patreon page, where you will be able to get some early content and also behind the scenes content.

Things are changing in the publishing industry and there are changes coming through that you will notice on my books. Not the books themselves, but vendors. There is a good possibility I will be pulling out of Barnes & Noble's Nook books altogether. To be blunt, most of the indie authors I know haven't received our February payments yet. I'm wondering where the royalty money we earned went. And if this keeps up for more than a month or so, I will no longer be publishing books on Nook. I'll be taking down the ones I have there, as well (though once they're on your nook, you have them--so if you've bought them off nook, it won't take them away from your e-reader). There will be a few other changes, as well.

So, peeps, the times they are a changing.


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