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Just Chatting: Masks On!

snowy outside, notebook and coffee inside

I am so relieved that we're headed into required masking up everything indoors. The Delta variant is surging and, whether people like it or not, masking is one of the ways to help the situation. I won't let anybody into my house who isn't masked. I'm trying to keep my anxiety at an even level but the Delta variant scares me--since I can't be vaccinated, I'm at prime risk, and people who just won't take it because they're Covid deniers, anti-vaxxers, or they think it's exaggerated TOTALLY piss me off.

Other than that, I will finish Harvest Web next week and I *just* started it on August 2nd. This book is flying! Do you like January? Would you like to see more books with her? I'm hoping so because I enjoy writing her stories!

Have a great weekend and I hope you're safe, healthy, and happy!

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