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Otherworld Reading Order

Etched in Silver (Novella)

Earthbound (Novella) (indie published)




Dragon Wytch

Night Huntress

Demon Mistress

Bone Magic

The Shadow of Mist (Novella)

Harvest Hunting

Blood Wyne

Courting Darkness

Ice Shards (Novella)

Shaded Vision

Shadow Rising

Haunted Moon

Autumn Whispers

Crimson Veil

Priestess Dreaming

Panther Prowling

Darkness Raging

Moon Shimmers (indie published)

Knight Magic (indie published novella)

Harvest Song (indie published)

Blood Bonds (indie published--2019)

The following collections of short stories have mixed time periods in them:

Moon Swept (indie published)

Tales From Otherworld (indie published)

Men of Otherworld 1 (indie published)

Men of Otherworld 2 (indie published)

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