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Paranormal Pin-Up: Lip colors and No Caffeine

Paranormal Pin-Up

I have a vlog for you today! And the additional info I promised in there is below, in the post.

As I said in the video, But First, Coffee is now Paranormal Pinup. *grins* Want to know why? Listen to the vlog!

So, here are the close ups I promised in the video. Here’s the picture of my lip color a bit more close up. Lousy lighting but this pretty much shows the true nature of the color. First, I used Jouer’s liner in Aubergine. Then, I used a thin coat of Silk Naturals’ lip stain in Kiki. And then, a coat of Jouer’s Long-Wear Lip Crème Liquid Lipstick in Dahlia. All of these are gluten free and, as far as I can tell, nut free.

And my nails this week are simple, elegant, and calming (I’ve had a rough past week or so). The base polish is OPI’s Peace & Love & OPI, and then black tips.

Oh, and btw, Torrid has a lot of great plus-sized dresses and skirts. In the vid I’m wearing this dress. It’s absolutely adorable. Hot Topic and Torrid both have a lot of gorgeous dresses, and they are NOT just for young women. 😉

Till later, peeps!


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