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SPOILER THREAD...(If you read this, you'll see spoilers)

Okay, peeps, if you want a place to discuss spoilers on the Moonshadow Bay books, here you go (and Whisper Hollow, since they're linked).

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It was so cool to see another character appear in Conjure Web!

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I love the cross-over! Hope there will be more.

Loving watching this new world and new characters evolve. This is always one of the most fascinating parts of Ms. Galenorn's books to me- how her characters change/develop as the series goes on, just as we do in real life. The creation of characters, and their integration into the world is probably one of the things Ms. Galenorn does so well, and makes appear so effortless.


I can’t believe their both connected, it was a huge shock to see peggin in moonshadow bay, I can’t wait to see more.


I thought people would be surprised! I'm starting to build bigger worlds for this series and for the Wild Hunt world as well (two separate universes, but bigger than just one series).

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