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Suggest me best novels...


Just registered and I saw all book lovers here,

I need a suggestions on books, actually, I am looking for some great novels,

I also have many, but I finished them in lockdown,

now I need to buy new and exciting novels,

plz suggest me some bet novels names, then I will pick some best of them

I hope you guys will respond.


Hi, yes, there is a lot of reading time on lockdown and I want to share with you the books that I was able to read. This year, TV series based on Gillian Flynn's psychological thriller "Sharp Objects" and Elena Ferrante's novel "My Brilliant Friend" will be released. Hurry up to read the books. Sharp Objects is a chilling family saga full of sharpened blades and brutal murders. Ready to find out what it's like to live next to a serial killer? "My Brilliant Friend" is an honest story of friendship, growing up and rivalry between two friends Lenucci Greco and Lila Cerullo. From the first chapters, you will be transported to Naples in the 50s and live your whole life with girls as if you were their third friend. Fans of the detective genre will appreciate the classic novel by Agatha Christie "The Twisted House". In this story, the culprit is the one you least suspect. And from the detectives, I propose a new novel by Yu Nesbo "Macbeth". This is an unexpected interpretation of Shakespeare's tragedy. helps to increase Yotube view

Regards, Michael Buttler.

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