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We Made It--A New Year


We made it! We made it! We're out of 2020 and into 2021. Yes, we're still in the middle of pandemic, and no, the government hasn't changed over to sanity yet--the latter will happen this month. But we're in a new year and here's hoping 2021 is the Comforting Grandma 2021 of a year after the Big Crazed Bully 2020 slammed us right and left. grandma holding granddaughter

So this year, I'm making several changes. First, I've reopened my Patreon. I'll be posting some of my unpublished books there for my highest tier patrons. As to whether they'll ever see print, that's questionable. These are books I wrote before I ever got my first book contract, unedited, so you can see how my writing has progressed.

Second, I have an ambitious line up of books that I want to release this year. I'll be releasing a couple Wild Hunt books, several Moonshadow Bay books, and at least one rebooted Chintz 'n China book (but it will NOT be a cozy--I'm moving them more into paranormal women's fiction/mystery so expect more romance, more paranormal).

As for my health, this is my "Year of No Sugar"...I've done it before and I want to do it again--no sugar. And I will also be cutting down on starches again. I'll have to do the latter carefully given the limitations of my diet due to my MCAS, but I'm tired of hurting and sugar only compounds the problems. I started several days ago, and here's crossing my fingers. I'll still be eating fruits, but limiting the quantity. The type of fruits I can eat are already limited due to the MCAS.

I'm also continuing to focus on my YouTube and even less on Facebook this year. Facebook has been wiping out pages and groups for authors without warning. Sometimes they get them back, sometimes not. I'm tired of playing games with the bloated whale of a site.

Happy 60th BirthdayAnd lastly, I turn 60 on January The big 6-0. I intend to focus on coming into my power this year and coming into my 'prime'...because it sure doesn't feel like I've done this previously!

So hello, 2021. Let's be friends, okay?

What are your goals for the year? What are you hoping to see out of this year?


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