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Welcome to the Witching Season

picture of a crystal ball

Harvest WebEvery year, I welcome you to the Witching Season--the season of the witch as Donovan sang, the season of magic. And this year is no different. This month, on the blog, I'm doing a huge celebration for the release of HARVEST WEB--I'm so excited about this series and happy to announce that I *will* be writing more in it beyond SHADOW WEB. But more about that later.

Today, we're celebrating the season of mist and fog, of burnished leaves floating off trees, of spooks and monsters, of all things that make us stop in the night and wonder, is anything out there?

This is the season where the dead come to play. Indeed, this is the season where those of us who do practice real-world magick pay honor to the dead on a holiday that was coopted from us and turned into the secular Halloween. Trust me, most witches don't have warts on their faces, but we do cast spells and dance around the bonfire and use our brooms to clear the sacred space and we celebrate the dead we want to remember on Samhain. We celebrate the beginning of the pagan year, the third harvest--the harvest of meat and blood.

In my neck of the woods, it's the season of rain and wind coming in, of fog rolling through in the morning, of the sputter of droplets as they hit the ground and form puddles and roll along the streets. It's the time when the air smells crisp and it's time to light the fire and turn up the heat and pull out the quilts from the closet.

It's the time of spiders and creepy things in the night. The time to watch spooky movies and tell ghost stories by the light of the fireplace, to roast marshmallows in the flames, to make apple pie and pumpkin bread and beef stew and roast turkey and chicken noodle soup and all those delicious foods that make autumn feel cozy.




So welcome to the Witching Season, and to start off the celebration on my blog, I'm giving away a small but beautiful crystal ball.

To enter: 

  • In your comment verify that you live in the USA and are over 18.
  • Tell me what your favorite part of the autumn is!
  • Contest closes midnight October 3.
  • Winner responsible for all taxes and fees. Winner will be notified via email so be SURE your email is correct when you post. Entries will only be counted if they have all information complete in one answer.
  • Winner has one week to answer Jennifer (my assistant).


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