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Welcome to the Witching Season

Welcome to the Witching Season

Every year, on October first, I write my Welcome to the Witching Season post. October has always been my favorite month and autumn, my favorite season. This makes sense, of course, given I’m a shamanic witch and this season is made for witches and mystics. 

Right on schedule, the rains are starting as the season of ghosts rolls in. This is the perfect time for mysticism and magic, this is the time when those of us who are real witches claim our ground.Autumn rain forest

This is the season where we remember the ancestors, honor the dead, and ward off unwanted phantoms seeking entrance into our lives.

For Pagans, the new year—Samhain is not only the festival of the dead but the celebration of the Pagan New Year. This is the season of magick and bewitchment. 

I love the fog and the mist, and the chill rains that make the Seattle area feel like home. I love the nights when the wind rustles through the trees, sending leaves spiraling off to carpet the ground. And I’ll even admit it, while I’m an arachnophobe, whenever we start seeing the giant house spiders that run through our house and the striped orb weavers that build their webs all across the bushes outside, I know autumn is here.

GhostsThis is also the season for all lovers of the paranormal—this is the season of imagination. Ghosts lurk in the shadows, trolls creep out from under their bridges, vampires go on the hunt, and that howling you hear? No, it isn’t the basset hound next door—it’s a werewolf peeking out of the forest under the full moon.

Every year I have a tradition—to my closest female friends I send a card that I found years ago and bought many many copies of (SO many copies). There’s a line inside about “...this burnt orange season” and so I send my ‘burnt orange cards’ every year—not via e-mail, but honest-to-goddess snail mail cards to say hey, I’m thinking of you this wonderful seasoncookies

It heralds in the autumn for me now. So I sit, writing little notes by hand in an age of all-things-keyboard, and while I’m doing so, I think of bonfires and hearth embers and applesauce and cinnamon buns and community.

So, tell me, what about this season makes you shiver at night, and wrap the covers just a little tighter around you? What makes this the perfect ‘Witching Season’ for you?



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