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What About the Fly By Night Series, the Lily Bound Series, and Whisper Hollow?

The Fly by Night Series is finished. I was not able to write it as I wanted to with Berkley and since they chose not to continue the series, I will not be writing more in that world, especially since they still have the rights to the first two books.

The Whisper Hollow Series, and the Lily Bound series are on indefinite hiatus. I hope to be able to return to them in the future, but as of right now, that’s not economically feasible. I do not foresee this changing for the next few years, at best. I know this makes a lot of you sad (which is why I’m finishing Otherworld even though common sense says “no”), but take heart–I’ve got new worlds and a LOT of new adventures planned for my readers. The FURY UNBOUND series is one, the WILD HUNT–another, and BEWITCHING BEDLAM also. And there will be more later on. So dive into my new worlds and see what’s there! (And I’m going to add here–sending me hate mail about it only gets your email deleted without answering. This is just the way it is).